First Foundations Early Learning Center, previously known as Annie's Children Center, in Saline has provided high-quality care in Saline for over 18 years!  We offer full-time, part-time to fit your scheduling needs. 

We are a play-based center:  Our teachers guide your children to learn  through play. Each day offers opportunities for fine and gross motor skills, art materials, literacy activities, group time, dramatic play, and sensory experiences.

    We are open Monday through Friday                                                            from 6:30am to 6:30pm, 


Our staff at First Foundations are: 

  • CPR and first aid certified 
  • Continuously undergo training, classes, & seminars to grow as teachers! 
  • Dedicated and Hard-working! 
  • Undergo several background checks and a 3-step hiring process to make sure they are a great fit for the Foundations Team.

                         Our Mission and Purpose

We acknowledge that the families enrolled at First Foundations ELC have place their most precious blessings in our care. The First Foundations Team is here to partner with each unique family by always providing excellent, dependable care for their children. We will do that by being responsive to the needs of our children, their parents, and our community. We will continually pursue teaching materials, strategies and learning opportunities that will support Developmentally Appropriate Practices throughout their time at First Foundations.

First Foundations Early Learning Center is a childcare center filled with a Team that believes the first years of a child’s life will be the most influential in a child’s life. Each child’s capacity to grow as unique individuals requires that many diverse experiences are being provided for them day after day. First Foundations strives to provide an environment rich in those experiences to lay the groundwork for physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

It is our philosophy that children are best able to reach the goals parents have for them, and the milestones they need to achieve through a play-based curriculum filled with activities to engage them in critical-thinking processes, decision making skills, and environments enriched in literacy. First Foundations Team-Members guide their classrooms through child-initiated activity choices and teacher-directed activities for each age level.

We offer smaller group sizes and low child-to-teacher ratios to build a special bond with each child and family to meet their individual needs.

First Foundations Early Learning Center continues to grow. We currently have a waiting list, so please plan early to reserve your infants spot at First Foundations.

Now offering
Daily Connect for daily activity reporting in ALL Classrooms!

We are proud to offer our parents the Daily Connect mobile tool for tracking your child's activities & daily needs while in our care. You can find this app in the Google Play store and Apple App Store. It has a basic free version and a deluxe version for $5!  This allows our parents:

  •  to see when & how much your child eats and drinks
  • diaper & potty training results
  •  message classroom  staff instantly.
  • activities & outdoor time details